Residential Conveyancing


We will charge you £995 based upon your purchase/sale/re-finance of the property up to £500,000. We set out below the other things that you will have to pay for, and an estimate of their likely cost:
Search Package


Electronic ID Check per person


Lawyers Check


Stamp Duty Land Tax


OCE and OCP, Priority Search


Bankruptcy per name


Companies House search (for companies)


Land Registry fee


Landlord's costs for enquiry (for leaseholds)


Serving Notice Transfer/ Charge


Other Searches



  • VAT is applicable to our fees and certain expenses.
  • We work hard to ensure that we attain the highest level of standards. 


Please note that our fees are based upon certain assumptions as follows:


  • It is a straight forward transaction
  • Correspondence between us is kept to the minimum that is reasonably necessary
  • There are no Title defects or the Title is not unusually complex
  • No issues stemming to be resolved after exchange/completion
  • The transaction:                     


                             – is not a new build 

                             – is not subject to any affordable home ownership schemes

                             – is not a transfer of part

                             – is not subject to any tenancies

                             – is not unregistered or is held under multiple title numbers

                             – is not a mortgagee in possession

                             – is freehold but subject to the involvement of a management company

                             – is not subject to a deadline to exchange/complete 

                            – is not subject to any existing Legal Dispute

                            – is not being sold as part of a divorce settlement


Naturally, where the above assumptions are not met (and in particular should your matter become protracted or unusually complex) then, we reserve the right to make additional charges in order to reflect the additional time that is required and/or the additional risk that is borne by the firm. 

The above is an estimate only assuming this is a standard, non-complicated transaction. The estimate below is based on the information/your instruction which we have till date. It is not always possible to foresee at the outset the complexity of the matter. We reserve our right to charge you separately at our hourly rate of £200.00, if your matter:                                              

                                                             a.   gets complicated 

                                                             b.  we spend more than 9 hours working on your transaction

                                                            c.   if your transaction takes more than 3 months to complete

                                                           d.  if we handle more than 15 units of incoming and outgoing calls 

                                                           e.  if we handle more than 15 units of incoming and outgoing emails/letters


Although we tried to provide an accurate estimate of our fees and charges for your transaction, there are inevitably certain circumstances that occur during the process that could not have been foreseen at the outset. Therefore we, set out below the likely additional costs should any of these situations occur during your transaction.

20 %

Leasehold Property Fee


Acting for the Lender or redeeming Charge, subsequent charge (£100)


Completing SDLT


Gifted Deposit or Family loan Fee per person


Admin , posting & document reproduction


File Storage


Financial Transaction fee in/out each


Joint Ownership Advice


Arranging/ Approving Each Indemnity Insurance


Abortive Transaction


Newbuild Property Fee


Shared Ownership Fee


Help to Buy Fee


Expedite Exchange with completion within 10 working days


Simultaneous Exchange and Completion Fee same day


Express completion, Specific quote

As Per Agreement

Linked Transaction: Same day sale/remortgage & purchase


Declaration of Trust * Simple - £225,

Complex - £450

Unregistered Property Fee


Dealing with Retentions


Pre-Auction Advice ** Starting from:


Companies House Registration


Statutory Declaration ** Starting from:


Drafting /approving an Assured Shorthold Tenancy


Contract Race 1.5% of the purchase price up to 200k after that 1%

1.5% and/or 1%

Attending the office for an unscheduled appointment with your Legal Team


Amendment to mortgage offer


Dealing with Deed of covenant


Purchase subject to Tenancy